Rome, March 2019

Registration will open September 1st 2018. In the meantime, fill out the pre-application form to be notified immediately once the new Call for participants will be available!

MUN•ROME is a yearly UN simulation that Consules organizes in Rome in collaboration with the Institute for International Affairs (IAI).

The simulation of the main UN committees and agencies provides a unique opportunity to deal first hand with major international issues and acquire a firm grasp of the rules and mechanisms of multilateral diplomacy.

Together with the simulation there will be further learning activities:

  • Opening Ceremony: opening session with the participation of experts and institutional representatives.
  • Guest Speaker Program: speeches by international analysts who explore specific issues.
  • Mission Briefings: meetings with officials and diplomatic representatives from countries being represented in the setting of the conference.
  • Closing Ceremony: closing session of the conference with the participation of experts and diplomats where awards will be given to students who have performed with distinction during the work sessions.


MUN•ROME is for those who wish to better understand the international significance of the problems they deal with daily in their studies, and who wish to strengthen their ability to operate in the field of competitive negotiation and elevate their awareness of internationalization.

The project is structured to achieve the following goals:

  • Contextualization of multilateral diplomatic issues: by means of the specifically-created training course, the participants will be able to understand how players operating within the international community define the most urgent and relevant issues that require joint action.
  • Comprehension of the negotiating and interactional dynamics: by means of a preliminary analysis and the simulation of international diplomatic negotiations, participants will acquire the notions and expertise which lie at the basis of the work of all negotiators.
  • Strengthening of relational and expressive abilities: participants will have to give formal speeches, negotiate and, in more general terms, interact in English using formulas and terminology appropriate to the context.
  • Orientation relating to careers and international opportunities: the simulation of UN committees and specialized agencies helps all participants understand the real interest they may have in a career in public or private international institutions.

All participants will have the task of representing a UN-member country within a specific committee.

To allow all delegates to carry out their debate in the best possible way, a specific training course* has been created, divided in the following modules:

  • International Relations: political analysis of the topics under discussion; introduction to UN agenda items; rules for the drafting of ‘position papers’ that summarize the country’s position with regard to issues on the agenda.
  • Resolution and Report Drafting: the theoretical framework and operational information for the drafting of formal UN documents.
  • Speech and Public Speaking: strengthening public-speaking and negotiating skills in English.
  • Procedural Rules: explanation of the procedures that govern interaction within the simulation.

*The training course, which is an optional activity, is available only in Italy in Consules’ partner schools.

Academic partners

The academic content of the conference is formulated by Consules in collaboration with the Institute of International Affairs (IAI). Founded in 1965 by Altiero Spinelli, the IAI plays a leading role in Italy on issues of security, Italian and European foreign policy and international economy.


The staff in charge of the training course belongs to the Consules Research Committee. Experts from international institutions and authoritative faculty will also intervene in the initiative as speakers and advisors.

Certificates and Academic Credits

In compliance with the call for participant released by Consules, every participant will receive a certificate of participation issued by Consules. For those who attends the training course, if agreed upon by the participants’ universities/departments, they can also receive university credits towards their degree, with the exact number depending on the decision made by each institution.

To be accepted as a participant in the MUN•ROME program, students have to fill out the enrollment form on-line and pay a € 10.00 administration fee.

The applications will be examined on a weekly basis until all positions are filled, i.e. as the positions available are limited, once the limit has been reached, applications will no longer be considered.

The participation fee for the MUN•ROME conference is € 110.00 + taxes and includes:

  • Background guide
  • Delegate kit
  • Registration fee
  • Tutoring on-line


The participation fee for the MUN•ROME with the optional training course is € 410.00 + taxes and includes:

  • Training course
  • Education material
  • Background guide
  • Delegate kit
  • Registration fee
  • Tutoring on-line


Consules has agreements for a limited number of discounted hotel rooms that can be booked by participants.

Further information will shortly be available in this section.

 Social Events

With the aim of promoting socialization between participants, social events will be held at the end of each work day in some of the most famous clubs in Rome.

Further information will shortly be available in this section.