MUN • Rome


11th - 14th Marzo 2019


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MUN•ROME is the yearly UN simulation that Consules organizes in Rome.
The simulation of the main UN committees and agencies provides a unique opportunity to deal first hand with major international issues and acquire a firm grasp of the rules and mechanisms of multilateral diplomacy.
Together with the simulation there will be further learning activities aimed at an in-depth analysis of specific topics, led by international analysts and institutional representatives.

Project timeline

Why participate in MUN • Rome

  • Opening and closing ceremony held at institutional headquarters*
  • Charity Gala
  • Educational workshops held by international experts
  • More than 1000 participants from all over the world
  • Meetings with Embassies*
  • Social events created to promote socialization in formal contexts
  • Free time to visit Rome
* Activity subject to the availability if the institutions involved

Training course

To benefit the most from a MUN, participants are required to possess specific knowledge and operational skills. Consules has therefore created a specific training program divided in several modules. The modules may be held in-class and/or through a designated learning platform. The platform will also be used to upload research material and to monitor the students’ academic performance.
Training program
The training program is divided into several 3-hour long modules and it’s held entirely in English.
Diplomacy and Research Methods

This class is an introduction to the methods and main features of international diplomacy. Participants learn how to conduct their research activity on the topics of the simulation and how to write complex documents like position papers.

Negotiation techniques

This module introduces the participants to the art of negotiation. The focus is on the main strategies that negotiators use to reach a compromise with counterparts. Students will learn how to gain the support of other actors on their proposals, how to create alliances and how to deal with the opposition.

UN Resolutions

Core objective of this module is the development of legal drafting skills through a deep analysis of UN documents and acts. This activity will allow students to understand structure, content, typical lexicon and vocabulary of UN Resolutions.

Intro to the United Nations

The module is an introduction to international law, its focus is the UN and how it operates. The principles that regulate the United Nations’ activity are analyzed, with particular reference to peacekeeping, sustainable development and protection of human rights.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking class focuses on how to create a powerful speech and on the communication tools necessary to speak in public. Students learn how to interact with others in an international professional context.

UN Rules of procedure

The aim of Rules of Procedure is to explain to the delegates how a complex organization like the United Nations works. Through the understanding of the rules, students learn how to reach a political goal while respecting formal regulations.

Individual work
Each module of the training course requires each student to work independently on the Cloud platform. Following the learning by doing teaching method, participants are required to put into practice what they have learned in the single modules by doing exercises and writing complex documents.

Total certified hours
Training course: 10
Individual study on cloud platform: 20
MUN•ROME Conference: 40
Total certified hours: 70

At the end of the project Consules will grant a certificate valid for the recognition of school credits indicating the training followed by the student. Consules will also grant a certificate of participation in the MUN•ROME conference.

How to apply

In order to participate, candidates are required to fill in the application form available on this page.

The applications will be examined on a weekly basis until all positions are filled, i.e. as the positions available are limited, once the limit number has been reached, further applications will no longer be considered.

Further information regarding the participation process can be found in the Call for participants available in this section. Download the call for participants

Participation Fee


The participation fee for the MUN•ROME 2019 project is €150* + taxes and it includes:

  • Training course (only for schools in Italy)
  • Tutoring
  • MUN•ROME registration fee
  • Background guide
  • Delegate Kit
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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 00186 Rome
+39 06 45491270 +39 06 86212253

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