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Speech and Public Speaking. Interview to Nicholas Toll

q: We are here with Nicholas Toll who is the Speech and Public speaking coordinator here in Consules. I would like to ask just a few questions. First of all, what are the most important skills that delegates learn thanks to the MUN•ROME?

A: Well, I would say the most important skill as far as public speaking goes it’s the skill of speaking in public because this is not something that most of them have done either in High School or in University. It’s something that is a very useful life skill in many different jobs. Stand up in front of many people, give a short speech, report about something, speaking in public. I think that is something that is a sort of value added to the whole academic career.

q: What about the impact on the knowledge of English for the students?

A: Well specifically the type of vocabulary that they are learning would be the sort of the language of diplomacy so they are learning in a specific terminology, but obviously within a general knowledge of english grammar and vocabulary.

q: What are the cultural benefits of the MUN simulation?

a: Again I would say that the cultural benefits is the opportunity for these young people to meet their pears from other countries other continents even or at the very least doing the Rome simulation from other parts of the same country. It’s a way of internationalizing them and sort of preventing people living in their own little bubble.

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